The Alumni Association wants to save you money with Numa's Perks, our FREE benefit program for alumni, students, faculty, and staff!  Check out our list of local and national vendors at


  1. Go to the Apple App store on your iPhone or to Google Play on your Android phone

  2. Search for GeoPerks

  3. Download the GeoPerks app

  4. Select your preferred sign-in method
    • If you select "Sign-in with Email" select "Sign Up" to register
    • If you select "Sign-in with Facebook or Foursquare proceed to the login page
  5. When logged in, select "Add Membership"

  6. Search for "University of Arkansas - Fort Smith"
    • If you are an alum, faculty, or staff, select "Alumni Preferred Partner"
    • If you are a student, select "Student Savings Club"

When you open the app you will see "Nearby Perks" which is a partial list of vendors based on your location.


  1. Tap the three parallel bars in the upper left corner

  2. Select "My Memberships"

  3. Select Numa's Perks - University of Arkansas Fort Smith

  4. Slide (or tap) bar at the top from "Featured" to "All"


  1. Tap on a vendor

  2. Show the app at checkout to receive your discount.

  3. If a question arises, tap the Numa's Perks logo at the bottom of this screen

  4. Scroll down to the name of the person who authorized the discount

Don't see your favorite place offering a discount? Let us know! Email us the name at and we'll work on adding them to the program.

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